Brake pads are designed to wear, and because of that no other brake pad manufacturer offers to warranty pads that have worn out. Off-road ATV/UTV applications are even more demanding because of the conditions these brake pads operate under are torture to pads (imagine taking 50-grit sandpaper to brakes all day). 

We don’t expect our pads to last forever, but they should last under most riding conditions. To that end, we do cover wear out within our warranty window. Traild brake pads carry a 6 month replacement warranty. If you have a problem with pads that you ordered contact us at service@traild.com to arrange for a replacement set of pads.

If you contact us with a warranty issue we will ask what type of riding you do and how many miles you put on because we want this information to continue to improve our pads. We think we have the best pads available, but we are always looking to improve. 

A ceramic pad is best suited for trail riding, crawling, dunes, and working conditions. If most of your riding is mud/bounty hole you will eat conventional brake pads, including ours. We will still warranty our pads even if you’ve ridden through the mud. For riders that live in the mud, we recommend looking into a brass brake pad. These hold up much better in heavy wet mud & sand, but they do not have the same stopping power. 

Warranty is limited to the replacement of the purchased part only (North Ridge Performance or Traild packaging). No other part or labor costs are covered with this warranty.