Thrills and Trails: A Weekend Adventure in Michigan's U.P. and Wisconsin

Our recent weekend trip to Norway, Michigan, epitomized the essence of adventure, as we explored the stunning landscapes of Michigan's Upper Peninsula (U.P.) and ventured back into Wisconsin. 

Day 1: Conquering the Truck Trails and Exploring Escanaba to Gwinn

Our adventure began with a thrilling day of ATVing along the scenic Truck Trails of Michigan's U.P. The rugged terrain tested our skills as we navigated rocky paths, steep inclines and flooded trails.. From Norway, we made our way to Escanaba, where we paused to refuel, have lunch, and get a look at lake Michigan before continuing our journey northward.

Our next destination was the quaint town of Gwinn, nestled amidst rolling hills and lush forests. The trails leading to Gwinn offered some railroad grade, and some trail with winding paths that meandered through dense woodlands.  We stopped for dinner on the way back for Friday fish fry and continued our ride into the dark until we made it back to Norway.

Day 2: Venturing into Wisconsin and Discovering the Dunbar Trails

Eager to explore new trails, we crossed state lines into Wisconsin for the second leg of our adventure. Our destination: the Dunbar Trails, renowned for their scenic beauty and challenging terrain. The trails did not disappoint, as we traversed rugged hillsides and winding trails.

We had lunch in Dunbar at Thermal Chaos which was a great off road bar.  Right on the trail with lots of riders stopping there, we loved the food and the number of riders we saw there.  It is a great stop to see other riders and check out all the cool rigs.  After lunch we put our rain gear on and got moving.

Great weather turned into constant rain and a drop in temperature.  We continued south to Silvercliff finishing the roof before heading back to Norway, cold and wet. 

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